Regenerative Health

ANH fights so that Americans can choose from a full menu of healthcare options because we have a right to take care of our bodies however we choose. Health autonomy means we should be able to choose the remedies and the practitioners that best fit our needs. Too often, this choice is restricted by those who favor a single approach, like pharmaceutical drugs. Health autonomy also means we have the right to say “no” to medical treatments we do not want.
Many pesticides and herbicides are dangerous to human health. ANH educates the public about these dangers and how government agencies, beholden to industry interests, keep these poisons on the market. We advocate for federal authorities to take action against dangerous chemicals like glyphosate.

We’re sounding the alarm as evidence mounts on how even small amounts of endocrine disrupting chemicals, like PFAS, alter our biology and harm human health—and we push lawmakers and regulators to do their jobs and protect the public from deadly toxins.

Exposures to common pollutants in the environment are linked to adverse health outcomes and the development of preventable chronic diseases, and these exposures often disproportionately affect disadvantaged communities. Rather than spending billions on drugs to treat chronic illnesses, we could stop them before they manifest by limiting our exposure to these pollutants. We educate the public about the dangers of these exposures and urge federal regulators take action to protect the public.

Modern industrial agricultural techniques make our food less nutritious, with as much as a 40% decline in mineral content over the last several decades. We cannot optimize our health without nutritious food that is clean and free from pesticide residue. We fight for meaningful organic food standards that are not watered down by industry influence.

Americans are deficient in many key vitamins and nutrients due to declining food quality and the proliferation of cheap junk food. These deficiencies are linked to long-term health problems. Rather than fighting disease with expensive and dangerous drugs, we believe our health system should prevent the onset of disease with good diet and proper supplementation to ensure Americans get enough of the nutrients they need.

There is an FDA back-channel that allows supplements to be turned into monopoly drugs. This threatens your access to important substances like CBD, NAC and resveratrol. We’re working to plug these holes that allow Big Pharma to monopolize natural substances for their own profit.

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